Friday, July 16, 2010


I recently came across a great cultural site focused on Havana, Cuba. It features various artistic expressions from Havana, which is such a vibrant enclave in the Caribbean and so often denied positive media attention. Havana Cultura has various video vignettes to go through to experience the full spectrum of art in Cuba.

Above is a video of a dance troupe that is just like any other group of dancers, but they contest the traditional stereotypes of the weight of a dancer. Danza Voluminosa is currently formed of 7 dancers(6 women & 1 man) that could be classified as obese. The founder, Juan Miguel Mas, also considered overweight, decided there needs to be a forum to challenge the perception of dancers having to be a specific weight to convey elegance and beauty. Himself, a dance scholar who attended the Ballet Nacional de Cuba incorporates these dancers to test the ideals of all lovers of dance. -Safari-

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