Friday, June 25, 2010


"Johannesburg 24" by Adidas Originals x Bar 25. Brilliant! Innovate, create and terminate the competition...feel me!? Situated next door to Berlin's legendary Bar 25, JOHANNESBURG 24 features an arena style set-up for public viewing of the World Cup, with a capacity of up to 800 people while a 3 x 5 meter LED monitor screens the games in all their perfection. The venue was designed to reflect the exciting, diverse and aspiring country that is South Africa. The area is described as a tin-roofed, wooden childhood dream in pale colors, with bizarre hidden rooms and dazzling light effects at night. In addition there is a pool site and skate ramp, specially designed by former Pro Skateboarder Lennie Burmeister. Like I said...brilliant! Step your marketing game up or bow out gracefully. -Dread Perry-

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