Saturday, June 26, 2010


"Can't Get Used To Losing You" by The English Beat. The Beat, a.k.a. The "English" Beat were a 2Tone group out of the UK that formed in 1978, fusing ska, pop, soul, reggae and punk rock. Another Birmingham export, The Beat gained international success with their most popular tune to date "Mirror in the Bathroom". The original band members consisted of Ranking Roger, Dave Wakeling, Andy Cox, David Steele, Everett Morton, and Saxa. The saxophonist Saxa had played with Prince Buster, Laurel Aitken, and Desmond Dekker in the first wave of ska (as well as with The Beatles in their Liverpool days), adding an authenticity to this revival band. After the group broke up in 1983, Andy Cox and David Steele went on to form Fine Young Cannibals, Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger went on to form General Public, while Everett Morton and Saxa formed The International Beat. All major successes in their own right. Now you know.

Side note: Saxa comes correct on this track, original rudie style. -Dread Perry-

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