Thursday, April 8, 2010


"A Message To You Rudy/Hip Hop" by Coco Sumner and Natty. I posted this awhile back on Culture Fiends, and thought it was about time I introduced it here at Hey Rudie. Reason being, Ska music set the tone for many a dance, many a sound, and has influenced musicians world wide. From ska to rocksteady, rocksteady to reggae, reggae to dancehall...each one of these genres have spawned movements across the globe. At Hey Rudie we venture into the future, but always pay homage to the past, and let you know that everything comes full circle. Yeah, that's right, everything you're doing now, has most likely already been done. Nowadays we tweek, feel me. And there you have it, "A Message To You Rudy" tweeked. Know your past and the future will be a breeze. Rudie for life! -Dread Perry-

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