Sunday, June 20, 2010


First off I'd like to thank everyone who came out Friday night in support of your local counter culture rude boys...much love, and I mean that sincerely. Second, let me break down exactly what we're trying to do at Hey Rudie! We're attempting to try something new and create an environment where open minds can flourish and enjoy international sounds and music unbeknown to the masses. We are the alternative, the plan B once you realize plan A is monotonous and mundane. We didn't get into this to be the hottest promoters in town, produce an environment that is packed but soulless, or post stories that every other site are discussing because they believe if they don't they are no longer relevant. Naw son!!! Not us. So if you are brave enough to journey outside of the norm and support good folks and new ideas...I tip my hat to you all.

I'm posting B.O.B.'s "Generation Lost" because A) I think it is one of his best tracks to date (before all of yall required Bruno Mars and a love ballad to accept and respect this talented young man), and B) because I truly believe we are a generation lost. Money, clothes and hoes are all a brother knows...not DP and Safari, we know life is full of healthy alternatives. So respect to those who understand the steez, and a special shout out to those who acknowledge the rudeboy stance. One step beyond...feel me!?
-Dread Perry-

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