Friday, May 7, 2010


"The Tide Is High" by The Paragons. The Paragons were originally Garth "Tyrone" Evans, Bob Andy, Junior Menz, and Leroy Stamp. In 1964 Stamp was replaced by John Holt, and Howard Barret replaced Menz. It is important to note that on this particular track Mr."White Rum" Raymond contributed one of his most memorable violin performances to date. 1980 Blondie covered this Jamaican gem, taking the rocksteady classic to the top of the UK and US charts. In 2008 Kardinal Offishall had Rihanna reintroduce it once again for the hook on "Number 1". Old to the new...feel me?

The Paragons were one of a hand full of groups that helped shift rocksteady to reggae in the late sixties, and have influenced bands worldwide. Respect due. -Dread Perry-

The Paragons


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