Tuesday, May 4, 2010


"Ring The Alarm" (1985) by Tenor Saw, on the "Stalag 17" riddim. Tenor Saw, born Clive Bright, was one of digital reggaes most promising stars. Unfortunately, only four years into his career he was struck by a speeding car in Houston, Texas, and died at the age of 22. He rolled with Nitty Gritty and King Kong, and without a doubt, if alive today, would have been known for countless hits in the world of digital reggae. Today I pay my respects to the legend, and have also included a segment of "Do The Math". Two classic Hip Hop tracks sampled this reggae smash, and in doing so extended the longevity of one of reggaes greatest dj's. -Dread Perry-

"Ring The Alarm" by Tenor Saw

"Ring The Alarm" by The Fu-Shnickens

"Watch The Sound" by Fat Joe

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