Sunday, April 11, 2010


Yall know the man, so there's no need for an introduction. But I'm not here today to discuss the man, rather the promo and overall energy of one Jay Electronica, thanks in part to Mr. Goldwatch. See, I'm tired of the same old, weak a$$ imagery, promo, marketing that has dominated the urban landscape for over a decade now. Many an argument has sparked, and many a discussion regarding marketing has ensued due to my stance. My stance...the masses will eat anything, even $hit, so why kill yourselves trying to predict what the standard is? Create it! Thank god someone has stepped up to the plate and thrown down like a veteran, with style, class, and overall "I just don't give a fu$k" persona. Thug??? Are you serious??? Where my warriors at? Feel me! There are many definitions of what a rudeboy is, my standard is slightly higher than the average. Don't adapt to the game, make the game adapt to you. -Dread Perry-

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