Friday, April 23, 2010


Tropical House, Brazil. To be exact, Mundau, State of Ceara. Designed by Vasco Correia & Patricia Sousa for Camarim Architects. This beautiful 3 bedroom home was actually built on top of an existing structure, which is brilliant for the concept of the design was to adapt the home to its natural surroundings, taking advantage of the lighting, the location, and the natural elements...which in this case also includes the original structure. The home is actually a self-contained microclimate that filters its own sewage, produces its own water, and moderates its temperature based on seasonal fluctuations. Here is an exerpt from the architects description via ArchDaily:
Passive cooling is achieved by means of the gallery: it shelters the interior spaces from the tropical sun, leaving them permeable to the mountain breeze. The wooden skin that wraps the gallery filters glare, protects intimacy in the bedrooms and frames sights. Drinkable water is obtained from the roof, the deep stream or transported by truck; it is then filtered, stored and pressurized to the tap. Energy is generated from sun and wind, intense in the region, or bought from the public network. Hydraulic, electrical, gas and telecom services run in 2 vertical cores accessible from the 5 bathrooms and 2 kitchens for maintenance. In the absence of a public sewage system, we designed a sceptic tank with a super efficient anaerobic filter that cleans up to 90% of the effluent. The energy and service strategy of this house is unprecedented in the region.
I posted this today as inspiration. I've always felt like I belong in a home like this, but know it is not financially feasible. I am inspired by its existence, a hope is created inside my soul, and then it drifts away as I realize my actual reality. My words of wisdom for today...remove the latter from the equation and dream big. Visualize your future, and intricately plan out its manifestation. Anything is possible, it's all in the planning. -Dread Perry-

photos by Nic Olshiati

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